For Any Age or Stage in Life

Seekers – Room W216 – 9:45

The hallmark of the Seekers is study and discussion of religion, faith, Christian living and contemporary issues that is challenging, inspirational, and open to all viewpoints. This diverse, dynamic class is self-led with rotation of leadership and guest speakers.

The Open Door – Room W217 – 9:45

This group looks both to the Bible and commentaries written by some of the most prolific writers of our time, to answer life’s tough questions.

Couples and Singles in their 20s and 30s

Journeys – Room W215 – 9:45

This a diverse group of young people seeking to broaden their faith and grow closer to God and others.[hozbreak]

Couples and Singles in their 30s and 40s

Champs – Room E205 (Kimbrough 2nd Floor) – 9:45

The Champs class is an energetic, caring group of parents with young children and adolescents dedicated to applying Biblical teachings and Christian principals to daily life. Study centers on the Bible and life issues using lecture followed with open discussion.[hozbreak]

Couples and Singles in their 40s and 50s

Genesis – Room N116 – 9:45

The Genesis is a dynamic class committed to the principles of Christian living. Study focuses on discussion of faith and contemporary issues with the use of video and printed material written by popular Christian writers.

Anna Brown – Room W116 – 9:45

Bible study and Christian living is the primary focus of this lively group. Led by a dedicated teacher, individual books of the Bible are studied in a lecture/discussion format.[hozbreak]

For Senior Adults

Schneider – Room N115 – 9:45

The Schneider class is a friendly community who grows in its faith by studying varied material focused on traditional Bible study, spiritual growth, and contemporary issues. Led by a rotation of experienced teachers, the format is lecture with spirited discussion.

Builders – Room W110/119 – 9:45

This active class of senior adults studies scripture and how it reflects on personal, family, church and community concerns. Study material is the Adult Bible Studies, from the International Lesson Series. Teachers lead the group with lecture and discussion.
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