[accordion] [panel title=”I’m just beginning to investigate Jesus. Can First Church help me? “] Certainly! Our relaxed style says “come as you are,” and engage in our worship services and small groups. Whether you are a lifelong believer or unfamiliar with faith, you will find others just like you at First Church. We invite you to start getting to know Jesus in a personal way and sharing that with others. [/panel] [panel title=”How do I accept Jesus into my life? “] When we choose to follow Jesus, it’s important we don’t keep the good news to ourselves. Jesus asks us to celebrate that decision with our family, friends, and community around us through baptism. Please see get Baptized [/panel] [panel title=”Do you baptize both infants and adults? “] Yes. Baptism is a sacrament ordained by Christ. It is received only once but its effects are lasting. A baptized infant or child becomes a “preparatory member” – one who has not yet made a personal profession of faith and who is guided by parents and nurtured by the church. Baptism of an adult is a personal acceptance of God’s gift of grace and a public statement of your acceptance of Christ. Read more about Baptism [/panel] [panel title=”How often does the church celebrate Communion? “] Everyone is welcome at the table. We take communion in worship the first Sunday of every month. We also celebrate Communion each Sunday (except the first Sunday) following the 8:30 and 11:00 services. [/panel] [panel title=”Where should I park? “] Downtown Campus has a guest parking lot directly across from the sanctuary entrance on Johnson Ave.
Agape Campus has parking south off West Huntsville Road, directly beside the building [/panel] [panel title=”What should I wear? “] Whatever you feel comfortable in. Some wear jeans to our services, others wear khakis. At Classic Worship you will see some suits and ties but at the same time you see jeans as well. You really will fit in no matter what you wear. [/panel] [panel title=”What can I expect from the worship services? “] First Church has 7 very distinct worship services, five on Sunday morning, one for students Sunday evening, and one Wednesday evening. You can expect excellent music, engaging messages, and committed prayer. [/panel] [panel title=”Is there anything for my children during worship? “] Of course! Children are welcome and encouraged to attend worship with their families. There are worship bags available at the rear of the sanctuary with things to help satisfy their natural need to be active. Nursery is available for little ones under the age of 3 years and during worship Children Church is available for children 4-6 yrs. after the children’s sermon. [/panel] [panel title=”Do you ask for money? “] This is actually the first question for many people. We believe in the biblical standards of stewardship. Our goal is joyful giving to the Lord. Because tithes and offerings are a biblical act of worship and because combined resources are necessary for churches to minister, we will provide our church family with the opportunity to worship through giving. [/panel] [/accordion]